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Jenny Ford Printmaker

Welcome to Jenny Ford Printmaker.

Born in London, I studied at the Ealing School of Art and Central School of Art and Design, where I developed a passion for printmaking. In 1973, I moved to Wiltshire and combined my earlier passion with a love for the West Country landscape.

Over the years, I have developed an interest in local prehistoric sites, which has influenced my work, together with the shapes and colours of field patterns and down lands. I am interested in the way that some features and sites are carefully preserved, ring fenced and ploughed around, whereas other places have been ploughed flat and all but lost. Aerial archaeology is discovering much that has been lost and forgotten.

My work is project based and I use maps and aerial photographs as reference points but always then ‘walk’ the area of interest, making drawings and writing notes as I go, to get a feel for the subject. The theme of my current work highlights features that remain from the past and how these relate to marks made on the land today through the farming year. Most of these ideas I translate into original prints, drawings or paintings. As a rule, my print editions are very short runs, ten being the maximum. I also create ‘unique’ and variable mono-prints with added drawing or hand colouring.

Wiltshire is a never-ending source of inspiration to me.

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