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Jenny Ford Printmaker

Welcome to Jenny Ford Printmaker.

Born in London, I studied at The Ealing School of Art and Fine Art (painting) at the Central School of Art and Design, where I developed a passion for printmaking.

In 1973 I moved to Wiltshire, where I was captivated by the landscape and the local pre-historic sites, which heavily influenced my work.

After so many years living and working in the West Country, I have recently relocated to Flintshire in North Wales!

The landscape here is very different to the downlands of Wiltshire, but dramatic and beautiful. From my studio I now have views of hills, across to the sea and the colours and changes of light will open a whole new spectrum to work from.

My work is project based, and I use maps and aerial photographs as reference points, but always walk the area of interest, making drawings and notes as I go, to get a feel for the subject. I do not expect this method of working to change even though the hills are somewhat steeper here!

Recently, I have been working on projects where my writing directly informed the resulting images, so I hope to continue with this approach.

I taught printmaking workshops in Wiltshire and Somerset, specialising in Lino Cut and hope to offer this in my new large studio, from home. In due course, details will be available on my news page.

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